Angry Black Girls United

Inspired by the blog Angry Asian Girls United.

This blog is for Black women all over the Diaspora, to express ourselves, to have our voices be heard.

We are not your "sassy" Black women.


You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are intelligent. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled. You deserve to live a life filled with wonder and joy. Be proud. Demand what You deserve as a Black Woman. You have a right to Your desires and Your dreams. Surround Yourself with people who will support that.

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"I’ve never been with a black girl bef-"


"You know I only date black gir-"


"Do you fuck white du-"


"Caramel hersheys syrup mcdonalds mocha chocolate chip bran muffin nubian african jungle quee-"



Lmaaoo frfr

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Color My Fro: A Natural Hair Coloring Book for Big Hair Lovers of All Ages

31 big-haired fairies, mermaids, warriors, models, cheerleaders, and fierce divas grace the pages of this coloring book celebrating the beauty of black women and natural hair. At each turn of the page, a new natural hair inspired illustration greets you.

The Colorful Adventures of Zoe & Star: An Activity and Coloring Book

Tired of the lack of diversity in children’s coloring books? Meet Zoe and Star, two adventurous African-American girls who just love to have fun! Follow them throughout over 45 fun-filled coloring and activity pages that inspire creativity, promote self-confidence and celebrate diversity.

Crystal Swain-Bates…

holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Florida State University and is an avid world traveler. Crystal is an author and the owner of Goldest Karat Publishing, a boutique publisher of educational non-fiction titles, coloring books, and entertaining children’s books aimed at African-American audiences. Goldest Karat’s goal is to fill the diversity gap in traditional publishing by providing readers with high quality books featuring characters of African descent.

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She just stared for the longest time.

OMG…I love this. This is important.

v important! representation matters more than words can express

but this picture about sums it up :)

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   Idk if it’s just because I’m slowly starting not to care about money each passing day but there really is no words to explain how the fuck I’ve been dressing. As long as I shower, exercise, smell good, and my hair and eyebrows are on point I don’t give a fuck if I even match or not. What the hell is going on with me. 





Bad joints from the 90’s


they all look so much more natural.

^^^ Well bc that was beautiful. Now… Um.

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Ciara with faux locs Yay or Nay?

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